Hooded ‘protestor’ exposed as police

10 Aug

Government and Caribineros embarrassed as an encapuchado (hooded protestor) is revealed as an ‘undercover’ police an officer.

Photo: cÁmARa AccióN / Flickr


Violent behavior of protestors is frequently used by government officials and police forces to justify repression of student protests.

Yesterday – during isolated scenes of violence that marred otherwise peaceful marches across the country – Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter told journalists that: “the results have demonstrated once again that unfortunately they (student leaders) do not have control of the marches and that obliges the Caribinero forces to protect the rights of other citizens.”

Rumours often circulate amongst protestors that pakos infiltrate student ranks to cause trouble and thereby legitimize a violent response. But lacking proof the claims are rarely deemed credible by mainstream news organizations.

Those claims were substantiated in the aftermath of the protests yesterday as the Caribiner0s were forced to admit that at least one encapuchando was a policeman in disguise.

The Caribinero was exposed when student demonstrators in Valparaíso guessed his identity and began hurling lemons – used to  ward of the effects of teargas – at the fleeing officer.

National Director of Public Order and Security, Aquiles Blu, has told local press that the officer was undercover to “obtain information.”


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