Student Campaign To End Use of Tear Gas

11 Aug

Students construct peace sign with 500 empty canisters that have been used against them by Caribineros.


Photo provided by Camila Vallejo Dowling / Facebook.

Today protestors gathered at the government palace, La Moneda, to draw attention to the tactics to break up student demonstrations.

Riot police – known as “ninja turtles” for their khaki uniforms and body armour – often use tear gas to disperse public gatherings. On Thursday the 4th of August, so much gas was used to break up demonstrators – the majority of them high school students – that it infiltrated the metro system. By the evening an acrid cloud had enveloped the city that was visible for miles, illuminated by the flare of ever more canisters being fired.

Protestors have also set up a Facebook site, called NO more Teargas in Chile.


2 Responses to “Student Campaign To End Use of Tear Gas”

  1. Cecily August 16, 2011 at 04:12 #

    Camila asked me to post my comment here for you as you can’t see it on FB
    ” It certainly shows how much of a threat to the “establishment” FREE SPEECH is and the lengths the “authority’s” will go through to suppress it. But no one can really do that, the fight will always go on.”

    • Joe Hinchliffe August 16, 2011 at 16:02 #

      Thanks for the comment. I hope your right and free speech triumphs. It would be a major victory I think if the students could force the government to end violent repression and legalize the right to assembly without government approval.

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