World Moves For Chile’s Students

11 Aug

International solidarity for the students movement with marches on Chilean embassy’s and messages of support on social media.

People around the world have responded to Tuesdays massive protests by staging marches in support of the Chile’s student movement.

Uruguay’s El Pais reported that on Wednesday at least 2,000 students marched on the Chilean Embassy in Montevideo. The march ended in a street party and occurred without any incidents of violence or vandalism.

Similar marches took place in Germany, Spain, Argentina and the United States.

Video of demonstrators in Montevideo.

Video: Periodicoliberarce / Youtube.

World Media Coverage

The number of protestors at recent marches and the response of Caribineros have begun drawing the attention of the world’s media to this movement, now months old. The New York Times, Al Jazeera, The Guardian and The BBC, have all published articles on the issue.

Social Media Solidarity

International support has also come in the form of social media campaigns. “Make the world move for Chilean education,” a Facebook site that encourages people to send digital postcards of support from around the world has received over 200 photos so far.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All photos provided by Haz que el mundo se mueva por la educacion chilena / Facebook.


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