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Sitio Quiltro is produced by Santiago based, multi-media reporter, Joe Hinchliffe.

Its purpose is to provide original quotes, interviews, photographs and images relating to the Chilean student movement to local and international news organizations.

This site also aims to bring a more complete picture to a movement that is often depicted in the mainstream media by a few images of hooded vandals clashing with riot police, instead focusing on the idealism, intelligence and creativity that has been its hallmark.

As Chile’s student movement is intrinsically entwined with environmental, human rights and other social movements in the country, Sitio Quiltro will – at times – report on these issues as well.

All the material on this site, unless explicitly stated otherwise is original and freely available for reproduction, on condition that:

1. Photographs, videos and quotes are attributed to Joseph Sexton Hinchliffe, unless the material has been provided by a contributer, in which case it should be attributed to them. Alternatively, online publications, may attribute quotes to Sitio Quiltro, if they are accompanied by a link to this site.

2. Any individual or organization informs me when they use material sourced from this site.

Standards & style

Sitio Quiltro aspires to the highest standards of journalistic accuracy.

If you dispute any facts or figures, please post a comment and I will address it.

Comments, critisims & contributions

All comments, criticisms, suggestions for further posts and marginally related rants are welcome.

If you would like to contribute an article, photo, video or interview, send it to me and it will be published and attributed to you.


email: jshinchliffe@gmail.com

mobile: 56 9 993 69770

Todo el material en este sitio, salvo que se indique expresamente lo contrario, es original y libremente disponible para reproducción, siempre y cuando:

1. Fotografías, videos y citas se han atribuidos a Joseph Sexton Hinchliffe, salvo por el material que ha sido dado por un colaborador, en cuyo caso debe ser atribuida a ellos. Alternativamente, publicaciones en red pueden atribuir citas a Sitio Quiltro, si van acompañados de un vínculo a este sitio.

 2. Cualquier individuo u organización que utilize materiales obtenidos de este sitio, debe enviar un email a jshinchliffe@gmail.com detallando el uso dado.


One Response to “About”

  1. Rob August 12, 2011 at 20:26 #

    Hey Joe, love the blog , keep up the reporting on all things Chilean, especially the pots and pans movement!

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