Ordered by date:

18. Chilean student movement reignites despite winter rain

June 28, 2012; Up to 120,000 defy winter rains and violent confrontations in Santiago as Chile’s students regain momentum.

17. May Day, Chile

May 1, 2012; Thousands of workers, students, families, immigrant rights, artists, indigenous and families march in Santiago as the ‘Día del Trabajador’ ends in violent confrontations.

16. Santiago’s Silent March

September 8, 2011; Students don black and light candles in honor of the victims of the Juan Fernández plane crash.

15. Students Hold ‘Kiss-a-thon World Cup’

September 1, 2011; Mass kissings in Santiago and around the world demonstrate students passion for education reform.

14. Massive Marches on Second Day of National Strike

August 25, 2011; Enthusiastic crowds give the second day of el paro the feel of a street party, although the day was marred by familiar scenes of vandalism and confrontation between Carabineros and violent minorities.

13. Journalists call for TV Blackout

August 24, 2011; Chile’s Association of Journalists calls on viewers to switch of the TV at 9 o’clock, the traditional news hour.

12. Country Paralyzed as Unions Join Movement

August 24, 2011; Unions launch two days of national strikes to demand better working conditions and show solidarity with students.

11. Schools Taken Over by Students

August 23, 2011; At Manuel Barros Borgoño Boys High hundreds of chairs form a barricade around the perimeter of the school. Students guard the entrance. Inside, the teachers have gone. The boys have left their uniforms at home and invited girls from a neighbouring school to join them in their make-shift camp. They hang out in groups, play table tennis, jam on instruments, skateboard. . .

10. Indigenous Support for Student Movement… and Indpendence

August 22, 2011;  “I don’t like Chile,” Ariki told me, “sure the streets are clean, it looks rich, but only 10% of the country is rich. The other 90%, they are poor.”

9. President’s School Joins Protests

August 19, 2011; It didn’t draw thousands of protesters to the city center and it wasn’t reported by the mainstream media, but a protest in front of an elite Catholic school in Santiago is just as ominous a portent as any for Chile’s under-pressure President.

8. Snow Fails to Dampen Students’ Enthusiasm

August 18, 2011; Tens of thousands defy oppressive weather and government ban in Santiago and take to the streets.

7. Santiago’s Homeless: “We Side with Piñera.”

August 18, 2011; Satirical news by Kurt Hoberg.

6. Isabel Allende Endorses Chile’s Students

August 16, 2011; Chilean novelist Isabel Allende throws her support behind growing calls for education reform in her home country.

5. Student Campaign To End Use of Tear Gas

August 11, 2011; Students construct peace sign with 500 empty canisters that have been used against them by Caribineros.

4. World Moves For Chile’s Students

August 11, 2011; International solidarity for the students movement with marches on Chilean embassy’s and messages of support on social media.

3. Cacerolazos Add Latin Flavour to Student Protests

August 1o, 2011; For the sixth consecutive night the streets of Santiago resonated with the sounds of a distinctly Latin American form of protest.

2. Hooded ‘protestor’ exposed as police

August 1o, 2011; Government and Caribineros embarrassed as an encapuchado (hooded protestor) is revealed as an ‘undercover’ police an officer.

1. Tens of thousands march in Santiago

August 9, 2011; Between 60,000 to more than 150,000 (depending on where you get your news from) students marched through central Santiago today.


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